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Creativity and leisure in the Mani


It's winter, it's finally quiet, and you'd like to get into something new, challenging and fun... How about art? Stephan Holger-Hager is a professional artist who studied fine art in Cologne, Germany. He has been living in the Mani for the last fifteen years and is renowned for his imaginative frescos. As well as being a talented muralist, he offers basic drawing and painting courses at the Cultural Centre in Trahila. Learning how to draw and paint isn't just about brushes, colour, paper and pencils: it makes the most of your visual technique and teaches you to look at reality from an entirely different perspective. So grasp the basics with the help of a master, see the world in a whole new way and produce something spectacular! Incidentally, Stephan also doubles as a very well-informed naturalist who gives fascinating talks on insects and reptiles.
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Housed in the beautiful Zouboulio Megaron, the Kalamata Dance School is involved in various activities that are educational, informative and recreational in character. Children and adults alike can attend classes in the School's amateur section whose classes are designed to offer appropriate training and foster artistic awareness and sensitivity. For children over the age of nine who show particular promise of becoming dancers in the future, there is a special preparatory section. This is the class where children of Kalamata who have gone on to take special studies abroad began their training. The school runs classes in ballet, modern dance and jazz dancing, as well as classes in music, movement and improvisation that focus on cultivating students' imagination and creative inspiration. But contact with dance is not confined to attending classes. Open lectures, special seminars and workshops are combined with performances that project Greek and international artistic expression, thus completing the image of contemporary dance in Kalamata – a city which, through its much-acclaimed International Dance Festival, every summer becomes the focus of the art of dance in Greece.
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Book discussion, poetry reading, etc.
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Parea sti Mani (Together in Mani)


Recognized as the very affable owner of Hai Hou in Kardamili, Dimitri Spiliotis not only mixes great drinks with great music at his well-known café bar... He also doubles as a very talented and well-instructed guitarist. Dimitri is Greek-Canadian, so if you’d like to get to grips with the basics of guitar, he’s the right kind of teacher to engage for friendly, fun and relaxed lessons. Chords, correct finger positions, plucking and strumming are all covered (on either acoustic or electric guitar) in just a few easy sessions. All you need is a little patience and some practice, and in no time at all you'll be playing along to your favourite records.
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Located in Aghios Nikolaos, the Spirit of Life Centre is a holiday retreat that specializes in holistic therapy. Framed within a relaxing holiday environment, the centre offers courses and workshops that include regular daily sessions in a wide variety of applications – reiki and yoga, for example, as well as certain more esoteric forums, such as dream healing (whose focus is based around the traditions of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing). Spirit of Life also organize a variety of tours.
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