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Recreation and revitalization in the Mani

Art therapy

Art therapy is one of the latest of recreative hobbies that can help you to rediscover yourself and move in new and exciting directions. And the awesome and invigorating environment of the Mani is the ideal place for inspired learning. Originally from Luxemburg, Britt Bernard is an extremely affable professional artist and teacher who has been living in Greece for the last 20 years. She organizes art therapy seminars in Proastio and speaks both English and Greek.
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Massage and physiotherapy

There's no better way to dissolve stress than by treating yourself to a massage – especially when you're on holiday. Mara Von Heyden is a qualified physiotherapist from Germany who lives here, in Stoupa. Extremely professional, she has enormous experience and knowledge in her field and is known to cure the toughest of back-aches. Young, upbeat, and very friendly, she speaks English, German and Greek, and enjoys a sterling reputation as the area's best physiotherapist.
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Meditation, therapy and contemplative seminars

If you're into meditation, re-energizing and kinetic/spiritual therapy, the Sonnenhaus is a luxurious meeting-point for therapeutic seminars of all kinds: from easy-going intellectual get-togethers to t'ai chi classes and small open-air concerts. Organized and run by qualified hypnotherapist Burgi Bläuel, the Sonnenhaus is beautiful, sumptuous Mediterranean-style villa perched on the upper steppes of neighbouring Pirgos, a village which enjoys impeccable vistas of the Messinian Gulf and silver-emerald olive groves of the outer Mani. Clean and modern, the atmosphere here is warm and inviting, and the light is exceptional. New courses are always being organized.
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Reiki, shiatsu and yoga

Located in Aghios Nikolaos, the Spirit of Life Centre is a holiday retreat that specializes in holistic therapy. Framed within a relaxing holiday environment, the centre offers courses and workshops that include regular daily sessions in a wide variety of applications – reiki and yoga, for example, as well as certain more esoteric forums, such as dream healing (whose focus is based around the traditions of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing). Spirit of Life also organize a variety of tours.
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