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Cultural centres in the Mani

Kalamata Municipal Cultural Centre

Established in 1985 by the Kalamata Municipal Council and the Greek Ministry of the Interior in its constant effort to attain a cultural level of excellence and to shape cultural events, the Kalamata Municipal Organisation for Cultural Development (DEPAK) today presides at the Kalamata Municipal Cultural Centre – a centre which has become of great importance. The DEPAK implements an integrated cultural development programme for the city of Kalamata and the broader region of Messinia by creating the necessary infrastructure to promote intellectual and cultural expression. The realization of its three artistic sectors (dance, fine arts and music) has proved extremely noteworthy – so much so that in 1995 the Ministry of Culture's plan for a Cultural Network of Cities included Kalamata as the City of Dance and through this emerged the Kalamata International Dance Centre, which sought to create institutions that would establish Kalamata as a point of reference in the field of Dance at a national and international level. To this end, the DEPAK hosts the much-lauded Kalamata International Dance Festival every summer (with performances by famous groups and ensembles from all over the world), organises the Kalamata International Documentary Film Festival, which is held in the city every October, and as of 2002 important works of art are exhibited at its Municipal Gallery. With a wide range of educational and informative activities (professional and leisure pursuits classes, lectures, publications, seminars, and workshops), as well as recreational events (exhibitions, film projections, productions, and symposia) available, the DEPAK is highly recommended.
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If you're into meditation, re-energizing and kinetic/spiritual therapy, the Sonnenhaus is a luxurious meeting-point for therapeutic seminars of all kinds: from easy-going intellectual get-togethers to t'ai chi classes and small open-air concerts. Organized and run by qualified hypnotherapist Burgi Bläuel, the Sonnenhaus is beautiful, sumptuous Mediterranean-style villa perched on the upper steppes of neighbouring Pirgos, a village which enjoys impeccable vistas of the Messinian Gulf and silver-emerald olive groves of the outer Mani. Clean and modern, the atmosphere here is warm and inviting, and the light is exceptional. New courses are always being organized.
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Spirit of Life

Located in Aghios Nikolaos, Spirit of Life is a holiday retreat that specializes in holistic therapy. Framed within a relaxing holiday environment, the centre offers courses and workshops that include regular daily sessions in a wide variety of applications – reiki and yoga, for example, as well as certain more esoteric forums, such as dream healing (whose focus is based around the traditions of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing). Spirit of Life also organize a variety of tours.
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