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The Municipal Hall of Lefktro      
Kardamili, 24022 Messinia, GR
Tel: (+30) 27210 73265
Fax: (+30) 27210 64100
• Monday-Friday: 9.00-13.30 + 17.00-20.00
• Saturday: 9.00-13.30

Dimos Lefktrou

Kardamili is the host village of the Municipal Hall of Lefktro (Dimos Lefktrou). The Municipality of Lefktro was itself first founded in 1835 (its centre being originally established in Lefktra, a hamlet within the neighbouring village of Pirgos), and its expansion began soon after, in 1840, when it joined the neighbouring communities of Milea, Thalames and Kastanea. This municipal precinct now consists of 22 villages and 11 hamlets. Today, the Municipality oversees an area of 222,981 hectares, and more than 6,000 inhabitants live and work in its 33 settlements.


The Municipal Hall is the large, 2-storey stone building located on the corner of the southernmost end of Kardamili main street, near the harbour. Its administration covers a wide range of aspects, from general oversight of the region of Lefktro and its resources (co-ordination of public utilities, environment, infrastructure, waste disposal, etc.), to agriculture, business development, education, law-enforcement, public affairs and tourism. Administration is divided into and managed by four departments, each with its own sub-department and offices. The Municipality's tourism bureau is situated near Troupakis Square, and staff there can help you with most queries, or in any other case redirect you to the appropriate municipal office.

Administrative departments

The General Administration Department (Tmima Dhiokitikon Ipiresion)
The Department of Commerce (Tmima Ikonomikon Ipiresion)
The Public Utilities Department (Tmima Tehnikon Ipiresion)
The Department of Agriculture, Tourism & Public Affairs (Tmima Agrotikis-Touristikis Anaptixis & Politismou)

An invitation from the Mayor

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