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Modern Stoupa

The Laguna Beach of Lefktro

Stoupa was once a very quiet, small fishing village, characterized by a beautifully deserted sandy beach and a tiny harbour. Today, its crescent moon-shaped shore is a bustling focal point for holidaymakers and the youths of Lefktro who come to enjoy the shallow and warm waters of Stoupa Bay and the lively nightlife of Stoupa's promenade. Stoupa is also renowned for its other beach, Kalogria – an exotic setting with pale sands and palm fronds, reminiscient of California, where the atmosphere is always easy-going and the beachlife never boring. Here, the bars play laid-back music and serve chilled cocktails under the breezy shade of tall eucalyptus trees... Teenagers engage in friendly racquetball and volleyball games... And, just around the corner, swimmers can explore sea caves and enjoy the cool underwater springs that rise up from the crystalline depths of Kalogria Bay.

Exceptional hospitality

Greeks extend exceptional hospitality and the people of Stoupa bear no exception to this rule. The village has a generous selection of accommodation and amenities. A host of boutique hotels, self-catering apartments/studios and maisonettes/villas guarantee that guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to lodgings. There are numerous activities for those who like to be on the move, and there is peace and tranquility for those who prefer to relax. Charming cafés offer appetizing refreshments, and family-run restaurants serve freshly-cooked food. A variety of shops line the village seaside promenade. Local bars with breathtaking views make great drinks, and discothèques, both here and in the neighbouring villages, feature good music and special nights.

Clean and green

Nestled at the feet of the Taygetos, and facing the south Mediterranean Sea, the geographic contrasts of Stoupa are striking: a plethora of flowers, fruits and trees colour the landscape of rolling hills that unravel gently down into the marine-blue waters of the Messinian Gulf. The bio-diversity is equally astounding: the village is a paradise of butterflies, lulling cicadas, birds and other wildlife. No effluents are discharged into the surrounding sea, and the Municipality of Lefktro runs its own, privately-funded environmental program – the first of its kind in Greece – making it one of the best-preserved and most ecological areas in the country. Clean and green, Stoupa is a haven for fauna and flora, and an ode to Mother Nature.